Proposal for Motivational Seminars


We are highly obliged that you have spared time from your busy schedule to know more about our NGO. A group of professionals in our organisation help the students explore infinite potentialities and thus reach the desired goals. Our NGO aims at nurturing young minds to enable them to face the competitive world with confidence and grit. We provide them with a wider platform and groom them to express and unleash their hidden potentialities. We believe in giving the students strong roots and stronger wings to help them fly into the realm of success.

The entire globe is grappling today with an unbelievable rise in competition both within and outside the country. The cut-throat competition has led to deterioration in the societal moral bearing with growing number of complex socio-emotional and environmental challenges; unemployability being one of the major challenge that our students are facing today. In order to ensure that our students can thrive successfully in 21st century, we at JSR NGO have designed a programme to keep pace with changing times and help the students to achieve success in life.

Following are the contributory features of our programme:-

  • Help to lower stress
  • Preparing students to face competitive exams
  • Strategies to improve board results
  • Developing positivity and optimism in the students
  • Eliminating peer pressure

We are confident that this programme would fill the students with positivity and enable them to face the challenges head on.

One thought on “Proposal for Motivational Seminars

  1. this is amandeep singh (coordinator cse dept)…our query is we are having students of computer science and engineering, and want to invite your organization to our college for making our students aware about social causes and how they can be part of such activities.
    Thanks(amandeep singh)-9915292267

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