NGO Services

Work under NGO in Ludhiana, Punjab, India:


  1. Helping poor students financially
  2. Helping students with poor marks in studies
  3. Conducting seminar in different colleges/universities/other locations on different new technologies to remain them update
  4. Conducting mock-interviews
  5. Help in placement
  6. Help in getting training.
  7. Conducting sessions with IT professional which give better exposure
  8. Conducting workshops in different technologies
  9. Providing On-site training to get exposure of how to work in professional environment
  10. Conducting different type of events in different colleges/universities/other location for general awareness
  11. Provide better study material through our website
  12. Through our website students can share their thoughts/doubts
  13. Through our website students can ask questions from professional
  14. Through our website students can get information about latest openings
  15. Through our website students can see interview questions of different companies
  16. Conducting different type of competitions in different colleges/universities/other locations.
  17. Strong and well experienced panel of IT gurus will solve queries of students time to time
  18. Everyone is welcome in our society
  19. Everyone is heard here
  20. Organize cultural exchange programs time to time
  21. College students sent to small schools to update them
  22. Conducting campaigns for betterment of communication skill of students
  23. We encourage brilliant students to help students who are poor in studies
  24. Conducting religious events too, to aware students about our religion
  25. Confidence boost up workshops organized time by time
  26. Conducting competitions/Quiz on social issues at regular intervals.


JSR SAS with Students for Students


Services/Benefits to Members at a Glance


  • Regular and timely information on our programs conducted at National and International level and technical development.
  • Assistance to business holders and to students in becoming competitive in National and International Markets.
  • Expert advice in the field of Education (through Advisory Committee)
  • Platform to interact and gain professional knowledge through Panel discussions, Round table meetings and Research.
  • Undertaking market studies etc.
  • Facilitation of Seminars/Workshops/Training programs on the latest developments in market, health sectors.
  • Spreading awareness regarding social causes through Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, Road Shows and organized publicity.
  • Sharing experience by representing JSR SAS on Regional, National and International Conferences, Seminars etc.
  • Generating awareness and gathering public support regarding specific aspects of social causes for human being???s overall development.
  • Legal Advisory Cell: Free Expert Advice on legal issues by our legal advisory only for needy people.
  • Day to day networking with Indian missions and counterpart organizations across the globe.
  • Opportunity to gain mileage by becoming a sponsor/co-sponsor of JSR SAS events.